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About the Artist

Kasper Zier is an award winning watercolour artist living and working in Dublin, Ireland. He is largely self-taught but has over recent years attended various workshops with master painters such as Chien Chun Wei, Marc Folly and Stan Miller.

Kasper works both from his studio but also enjoys plein air painting. He has won several awards for his outdoor paintings. In August 2020 he was first price winner in the Art In The Open festival for his painting ‘Butter Slip Lane’ in Kilkenny. Also in July 2021 he was first price winner in the Dublin Plein Air festival for his painting ‘Malahide Abbey’ in Malahide Castle.

His watercolours are a mesmerizing blend of realism and poetry, elevating the mundane into a dreamy and ethereal realm. Using a masterful combination of clear colours, free expressive brushstrokes, and 'lost and found' edges, Kasper artfully captures the interplay of light on the city's buildings and streets. The end result is a unique painting full of atmosphere and character, carrying his personal touch and creating a lasting impression on the viewer.

Kasper Zier is a member of the The Water Colour Society of Ireland.